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We implement Who hit the target? in three stages:

Who hit the target


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Who made the sale?

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Stage one: Translate strategy into operational terms

This stage focuses on taking your strategy from the boardroom to the front line of your organisation, to the people who have to make it work on a daily basis. We employ a process of appreciative enquiry to engage everyone in a series of investigations and work based activities that are designed to reveal who could have "hit the target." This is done in a fun, non-threatening way that :
  • acknowledges everyone's views and contributions, 
  • generates energy and enthusiasm ,
  • builds trust and commitment.

Stage two: Mobilize change through leadership

In this stage we focus on the change management process and in particular the role of leadership at all levels. Using information gathered in stage one, creative tension is induced between the strategic vision and current reality. Leaders at all levels are encouraged to use the energy created by this tension to mobilize change in the organisation. Activities focus on:
  • Closing the gap between the desired results described in the organisation strategy and the present situation
  • Bridging knowledge and skills gaps revealed in stage one (for example by conducting our customer service programme "Who made the sale?").
  • Integrating strategy into daily management processes
  • Measuring progress

Stage three: Make strategy a continuous process

This stage is about sustaining the energy created in stages one and two. Activities focus on:
  • Planning and budgeting for strategic initiatives
  • Building a timeline of strategic activities
  • Monitoring and updating
How do we maintain interest in the programme throughout the organisation and keep it relevant? Need a clue?

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